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Look After Your Health, With A Sterilising And Cleaning Water Maker!

by Mini Chen 07 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Most are aware that the human body consists of 60% water, but many people often forget about how important water intake is, and busy lifestyles leave many of us depleted of not only just time and energy, but also of water content in our bodies.
The simple act of drinking water can improve your health!

3 Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

1.Prevention of Headaches and Illnesses

Several studies have shown that common ailments such as headaches, are often caused by dehydration (amongst other factors).                                          Besides leading thirst, dehydration can also cause strong smelling urine odour

During a study that monitored individuals that were suffering from ailments such as; muscle cramps, dizziness, lack of focus, lethargy and various conditions, it was found that 40.71% of the participants with pain associated with headaches, had suffered such due to an insufficient consumption of water.

Regular consumption of water can improve health related problems!     


2. Physical Performance

Engaging in sports or working out whilst dehydrated, can result in a change in body temperature, and can even increase weariness, making physical and mental activity feel much more challenging, and difficult to get through.

Because the loss of even a small percentage of your body's water content can have a major impact on your physical performance, most especially when in hotter temperatures or during vigorous exercise activities. The key to maintaining water content can be as simple as staying hydrated and drinking water, as this will decrease “oxidative stress” which normally occurs during intense exercise (oxidation).

3.Energy Boost

Often times when people feel peckish, they are actually simply just dehydrated, and by failing to notice the difference they end up consuming more calories through eating, which in some cases ends up contributing to significant weight gain. When in fact they could have tackled the sensation they were feeling, simply by drinking a bottle of water.

Water boosts energy levels, promotes digestion, and helps you stay alert.

Look After Your Health

  Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine intake, as well as drinking water is vital to maintaining water content (staying hydrated) and living healthy, but it also just as important to makes sure that you drink water that is “clean” and “sterilised”.

Because drinking water that is not clean, can be detrimental to maintaining a health body, and can increase health risks over time!

If you don’t already own a cleaning and sterilising water maker, now just might be the time to get one. It is important that you drink pure water on a regular basis, and look after your health.


Stay hydrated!


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